Fluke DOS

From: Kevin Schoedel <schoedel_at_kw.igs.net>
Date: Fri Apr 28 21:51:30 2000

On 2000/04/28 at 9:18pm -0500, Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net> wrote:
> I picked up a second FLuke 1722 today. This one does have the keyboard
>(at last)! But I still haven't found the operating system software for it.
>Can anyone help? It uses Fluke's F-DOS. I'd also like to find a manual
>for it.

I a Fluke 1720A with F-DOS. If there are grounds to believe that the same
software would work, I can try to do something about copying or archiving
the disks soon(er than I otherwise would). I might have multiple copies
already, though I seem to recall that only one was reliably readable. I
certainly do have multiple copies of the 1720A manuals.

> The 1722 is an instrument controller. It has a built in touch sensative
>screen that measures about 5 x 7 inches. It also has one built in RS-232
>port and one HP-IB port and it's controlled by a TMS9900 CPU.

The 1720A is also TMS9900 based. It also has a touch-sensitive screen,
about 3" x 8", on the left; on the right, a 5.25" floppy drive. Behind
the floppy is a backplane holding 7"x10" cards: (1) CPU, plus two RS232;
(2) floppy controller; (3) memory; (4) extended memory, used as a
battery-backed RAM disk (though I believe one chip is bad, and the
batteries are long gone); (5) empty; (6) video; (7) two IEEE488 (HPIB)
ports. The video card is actually itself a TMS9900-based terminal (9981
chip specifically); i.e. the CPU talks to it as if it were a separate

I actually have two of these, though one doesn't quite work. Also a 2400A
'Measurement and Control Link', which is a HPIB device with a backplane
for interface cards, along with two 2401A backplane extension boxes and a
matching stack of 4-wire input cards. (I'm not particularly attached to
any of this, but it wouldn't be cheap to ship.)

One question for the general list. F-DOS has a 'PIP-equivalent' called
FUP, for "File Utility Program". I remember once seeing some other, older
system that also had a FUP command (with somewhat different syntax), but
I can't remember which... what was that other system?

Kevin Schoedel
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