Tandy 102

From: Roger Ivie <rivie_at_teraglobal.com>
Date: Sun Apr 30 15:07:41 2000

>Well, I finally got something I've wanted ever since I saw the first one in
>a Radio Shack. The only problem is I get the feeling it doesn't work.
>Using the powerbrick from my Tandy WP-2 I was able to turn it on, however,
>unless I adjust the contrast up the screen is blank, well, even when
>adjusted up, it's blank. Any ideas?

Unfortunately, I don't. But tell me about the WP-2. I'm aware of a
local pawnshop
that has one for $20 and I've been trying to decide whether to pick it up.

I do have the technical manuals for the 102 somewhere (it would take me a while
to find), which include schematics. I also have development tools for
making your
own EPROMs (a C compiler with a library for the 102, bundled with
DRI's RMAC and
LINK-80. I'm not certain I have all of the manuals; I may have sent some of the
DRI manuals to Tim Olmstead for scanning for the Unofficial CP/M Web Site).

Roger Ivie
Not speaking for TeraGlobal Communications Corporation
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