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From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Sun Apr 30 15:11:07 2000

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>When we had to move from my original warehouse in Portland we brought in a

        <Drop stories snipped>

        'Tis sad, but true, that no matter how hard each of us might try, one
cannot save everything. Admittedly, not everything -should- be saved. ;-)

        If one is in a position where stuff simply -must- be disposed of, then one
may as well have some fun with it.

>Thanks for the URL on the Drop Squad. I enjoyed it.

        You're most welcome. Myself and my buddies have pulled our share of drops
as well. The most fun to date has been a couple of superballs down very
tall elevator shafts.

        While not really on-topic for the list, I will say that the first one
dropped (from the 22nd floor, as I recall) made no sound at all. We're
assuming it fell cleanly to the bottom (we were dropping them through the
gap between the car, which we were in at the time, and the floor we were on).

        The second one was much more satisfying. No more than a second after the
drop, it ricocheted off a spring or something that made a deep, resonant
'BONNNNGGGG!!' It continued to ricochet all the way down the shaft,
providing us with many amusing noises along the way.

        Keep the peace(es).

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