PDP-11/34 & RK05 Questions

From: Aaron Nabil <nabil_at_SpiritOne.com>
Date: Thu Aug 3 08:02:49 2000

On Thu, 3 Aug 2000, David Gesswein wrote:
> One more thing I thought of (and since I get the digest probably has
> been said)
> When I first spin up the pack I run a program which quickly seeks seeks
> through each track and then repeats. This hopefully does a couple of things,
> if a defect/dust is still on the platter it won't sit on that one spot long,
> and it lets you quickly know how the pack it while you are standing next
> to the drive to hit the load switch if it starts sounding too bad.

I'd routinely (on other drives, not specifically an RK05) kill the servo
and manually move the head actuator across the disk to do the same thing.

Aaron Nabil
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