New finds: HP9825 etc.

From: Kevin Schoedel <>
Date: Thu Aug 3 22:44:50 2000

On 2000/08/03 at 8:08am -0500, you wrote:
> Yes, the interfaces are the same but the ROMs are very different. Do
>you have a 9845?

Yes, and by coincidence it has exactly the interfaces and peripherals
corresponding to the 9825's ROMs.

>Does the 9825 have the
>pull-out system ROM in the side or only a slotted cover? If it has the ROM
>then it's a 9825 A, if it has the slotted cover then it's a B model.

It does have the side ROM drawer (and is marked 9825A), though it has the
full-travel keyboard (which IMHO is *horrible* -- nothing like the
contactless keys on the 9845).

>>Also got a 6800 evaluation board, MEK6800D2, with hex keypad & LED display.
> That's cool. The 6800 evaluation boards are rare. That module is
>described in Motorola's MicroProcesor Applications Manual for the 6800. I
>HIGHLY recommend that book if you're interested in the 6800s.

I don't have that book. While I'm not especially interested in
microprocessors generally, these little boards remind me of the first
machine I owned myself -- although at 512 bytes, this one has *twice* as
much memory. *Luxury*!

Kevin Schoedel
Received on Thu Aug 03 2000 - 22:44:50 BST

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