From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Aug 8 20:12:41 2000

 I've been fascinated by micro-computer monitors
for years. Possibly because my original Atari ST
had such a convoluted 13pin
 As a result I've tended to grab any monitor
that didn't have a vanilla
or plain 9pin or 15pin connector. Ditto when it comes to video cards.
So the NEC series of multi-sync and other monitors with additional
switches have been high on my collectables.
 The Amiga newsgroup is always full of queries regarding which
Nec works with it (3C ?}. Similiarly each of the older platform
newsgroups have the same questions.
 While I know Tony Duell and others have posted the video
requirements of different systems, it has always been a
bit of a grey area for me. For example what do the dip-switch
settings on most of the configurable cards indicate ?
 Some of my monitors include a Radius full-page display,
and I have a kit which supposedly allows a Mac+ to use it.
 A DEC VR201 with the retactible support pole and transporting
handle which works on my DEC Rainbow.
 Tatung configurable, Tandy CM5, Several Hi-resolution configurable
monitors Compaq and TVM ,Commodore 1402, Apple Color RGB
(for A2 GS),Supermac rebadged Sony GDF1950, and Magnavoxes
and NECs.
 However, I have yet to see a good FAQ regarding these monitors.
There seems to be more info on the fixed freq. and sync on green
and I have book from MS Press on IBM CGA thru VGA monitors but
little on their configuration and platform-specific features.
 Possibly each mfg. issued a booklet with their monitors and the
market wasn't big enough for a book. An area to explore.
 My system includes a JDH Videomate external box which is a
TV to VGA converter and my main TV when not displaying
computer-specific info. Again , a defunct company, so no info.

ciao larry

ciao larry
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