Apple IIc (not IIC+) details

From: Gary Hildebrand <>
Date: Wed Aug 9 02:37:16 2000

Hello Richard

On 08-Aug-00, you wrote:

> Now, THAT would be a handy part to have available at tne moment. Since it
> apparent'y translates from the IIc's floppy port to the DISK-][ cable, it
> would serve to move those same signals and supplies to an arbitrary
> location.
> I was just contemplating how I'd have to cut a DB25P IDC in two and mill
> 6 pins' worth of connector and then glue it back together in order to make
> it fit the IIc's floppy port. Too bad JameCo doesn't list that number any
> longer. What I'll probably end up doing is soldering 19 appropriately
> located pins into a PCB scrap intended for a DB25 and then soldering the
> wires to the pins. It's unlikely I'll find an appropriately sized shell.

If you are looking for a DB-19 connector check with Gateway Electronics in
St. Louis. They have them in stock, male and female, and matching hoods.

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