Apple IIc (not IIC+) details

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Aug 8 21:14:21 2000

Yes, I'll do that, largely because they have a branch here in Denver and
I've known Stu and Lou for over 25 years and know they'll sell whatever at
top $$$.

The connectors I've seen in the Denver store are the solder-type and I'd
prefer the IDC type if available. Since the IDC connectors are plastic it's
really easy to set one up in a milling machine and take an appropriately
large chunk out of the middle, gluing the two halves back together
afterward. I've done that several times when odd-sized connectors were

Since I'm in the prototyping business, I do whatever I can to make my stuff
look like it was "meant to be that way," thereby avoiding the Rube Goldberg

If they haven't got 'em in stock I'll have the boys call St. Louis and get
me a set.

Thanx for the info.


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> Hello Richard
> On 08-Aug-00, you wrote:
> > Now, THAT would be a handy part to have available at tne moment. Since
> > apparent'y translates from the IIc's floppy port to the DISK-][ cable,
> > would serve to move those same signals and supplies to an arbitrary
> > location.
> >
> > I was just contemplating how I'd have to cut a DB25P IDC in two and mill
> off
> > 6 pins' worth of connector and then glue it back together in order to
> > it fit the IIc's floppy port. Too bad JameCo doesn't list that number
> > longer. What I'll probably end up doing is soldering 19 appropriately
> > located pins into a PCB scrap intended for a DB25 and then soldering the
> > wires to the pins. It's unlikely I'll find an appropriately sized
> If you are looking for a DB-19 connector check with Gateway Electronics in
> St. Louis. They have them in stock, male and female, and matching hoods.
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