From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Aug 8 21:07:54 2000

It's not for any particular family of programmers, Joe, but it would likely
work as well with Data I/O as any, since DATA I/O was, and has always been,
a leader in programming hardware.

I've used it since the early '80's but my work has hovered over the low-end
capabilities of the language. Now that it's obsolete, I'm trying to make up
for all the stuff I didn't learn when it was mainstream. I've had people
tell me about features I've never even read about, and there are plenty of
them that I haven't used and HAVE read about. It's pretty simple if not
compact, to do everything with logic equations, and that's what I've always
done. Now I'm trying to catch up on the built-in state-machine dialects.
They use several constructs which have carried forward, somewhat, into
Verilog and VHDL, but not in the same way or with the same syntax as PALASM.


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> Hi Dick,
> Do you mean the PalASM for the DataI/O programmers? I just got it but
> haven't tried to use it yet. Jeff Kaneko seems to be pretty knowledgeable
> on this stuff but I don't know if he's still on this list or not.
> Joe
> At 08:53 PM 8/5/00 -0600, you wrote:
> >Since Palasm is not only obsolete but well over 20 years old these days,
> >hoping somebody out there is more knowledgable about it than I. I've
> >recently been pondering the various constructs that it supported and am
> >having a LOT of trouble making it do what its manual claims it routinely
> >does.
> >
> >I'd like to kick this oldie around a bit just to get past the point which
> >served my purposes all these years. There are so many of its features I
> >never used, e.g state machine syntax. I'm trying to get on top of that
> >just for grins, but I'd surely like to kick this around with someone who
> >knows it better than I.
> >
> >Any takers?
> >
> >Dick
> >
> >
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