8086 Emulation

From: Lionel Pinkhard <lionelp_at_worldonline.co.za>
Date: Fri Aug 11 17:07:09 2000

Hey guys,

Does somebody here know about a program I can use to emulate the original
8086-based computers? What I'm looking for is a program that can emulate
(on either Dos, Windows or Linux):

  - The Intel 8086 processor
  - 640KB RAM
  - 360KB Floppy drive
  - Small hard drive (optional)
  - CGA graphics card

Emulation of the IBM ROM BASIC, and IBM ROM BIOS, is also greatly desired,
although, I am not sure whether these can be legally copied :-). Emulation
of the IBM PC-DOS would also be helpful, but, yet again, I think this
would result in copyright violation. I am pretty sure that emulating the
CGA graphics card, a hard drive, a floppy drive or memory should not be a
problem. Although, I'm not THAT sure about Intel's processor, but I think
on Intel-based systems, this would only mean disabling certain newer
instructions on the 80486/Pentium/whatever.

Can somebody help me out here? Also, if there isn't something like this,
how much trouble would it be to write one myself?


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