Weekend Finds

From: Adrian Graham <agraham_at_ccat.co.uk>
Date: Mon Aug 14 06:59:03 2000

I had an absolute blinder of a weekend. Total finds from one market and one
boot sale were:

Boxed BBC Master 128
Boxed Grandstand 3600 pong
Boxed Spectrum +2A (not a Currys or Dixons pack)
Boxed Acetronic MPU1000 pong with mint quality boxed games
Boxed Amstrad 6128+ with boxed monitor
Commodore 128
Part boxed Dragon32 (handy, I'd just found a PSU the day before :)

and the jewel in the pile

Unused boxed Commodore P500 with manual and video lead. It's still in its
Commodore bag, although one of the polys has had some damage. I'm quite
chuffed with that to say the least, particularly since the serial number is
only #00161!

Last weekend I got my paws on:

Grandstand-badged Fairchild Channel F II
Boxed Grandstand 5000 pong
Boxed almost unused Grandstand SD070 pong
Unopened Colecovision Expansion #1
Boxed Astro Wars tabletop
2 Boxed Atari 2600s with a stack of carts
Half a dozen Vic-20 carts
a Super Famicom clone called the Micro Genius IQ501
and a battered Issue 2 Spectrum in a DK'Tronics keyboard enclosure.

Pix are on http://www.binarydinosaurs.co.uk as always, although yesterday's
stuff won't be uploaded till tonight.

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