sad auction story

From: Marvin <>
Date: Fri Aug 18 15:13:03 2000

Megan wrote:
> >> What a stupid concept!
> >
> >Almost as stupid as sending a check, ... or a money order, ... or a
> >cashiers check. Hey, why buy anything since there are always risks
> >involved.
> Yes, but unlike paypal, you can still dispute a payment using the
> other methods and still be able to use them. What paypal does with
> that requirement is remove any recourse a person has...

Paypal is a means of payment just like a money order or cashiers check. It
is not in the business of arbitration. The means of payment is separate from
the transaction itself ... as it should be. This type of transaction gone
bad is probably something Yahoo should get involved with. If you mail off a
check to someone and it appears that fraud is involved, you don't really
think the bank will get involved do you?
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