Nixdorf Computer - unknown model

From: Lionel Pinkhard <>
Date: Mon Aug 14 20:20:54 2000

Hey guys,

I was wondering: Can you guys help me determine what kind of computer I
have here? I got this old system from a friend, without any documentation,
when I switch it on, all it does is give me a white screen, and it says:

Top of screen:


Bottom of screen:

MWSS:XB99 LINK:02 LINE:01 R---- S ('S' is flashing) OFFLINE

Is this enough to identify it? It seems enough, but I have no idea what it
is. Nor how to use it. Secondly, if you know what it is, can you try to
tell me where I can get some info on how it works? Or a brief explanation?

Thanks in advance,

Lionel Pinkhard
Received on Mon Aug 14 2000 - 20:20:54 BST

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