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From: Kevin Stumpf/Nostalgic Technophile/Unusual Systems <>
Date: Sat Aug 19 10:40:34 2000

Sellam your last comment is consistent with many other similarly
'ridiculous' (your word not mine) ones. Did you take the time to fully
evaluate the potential of this endeavour?

You (all) know I am all for a completely free-market approach to old
computers while many on this list would prefer that vintage computer stuff
was banned from ebay meaning many people still believe it is wrong to buy
and sell vintage computer stuff. The thrust of their collecting efforts is
to preserve the stuff, so what's the matter with what that Goodwill store
helping us to preserve vintage computing equipment?

What that Goodwill store is doing is a good thing for several reasons:

1..the items have been rescued and are being preserved.
2..the items are being exhibited to the public (and those of us who have
tried to exhibit this stuff know how difficult it is to encourage people to
take the time to come and see it), so the store is also educating the public
about the technology we love so much because they have a captive audience,
3..the store is fostering the growth of our hobby which is essential for our
hobby to continue and thrive
4..the store has (knowingly or not) made a strategic marketing move and will
hopefully benefit by attracting more people than would ordinarily go there
and the increased customer volume can boost sales (to help the needy)

What appears to some to be a silly, mis-guided stunt, can be a helpful
win-win-win achievement. Let's encourage the person at that store instead of
complaining behind his or her back.

Yours in good faith.

Kevin Stumpf - The Nostalgic Technophile - Unusual Systems - 519.744.2900 EST/EDT (GMT - 5)

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> On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Reuben Reyes wrote:
> > >Just a quick email to let you know the Goodwill Computerworks Museum
> > >will be open beginning this Saturday, August 18th. For those of you
> > >who haven't visited in a while, we've expanded the museum and it now
> > >includes over 100 machines! From 1977 to recent years, from the
> > >smallest handheld computers to a Cray EL94, we have quite an array of
> > >computer history.
> How the hell does a Cray get donated to Goodwill!? What a shame.
> > >Stop on by and have a look, and if you have any questions, comments,
> > >or you would like to donate any items to the museum, please contact a
> > >store associate. The museum is located in the back of the retail
> > >store, 8701A Research Blvd., open Monday through Saturday 10-7 and
> > >Sunday 11-7.
> Goodwill should be trying to sell the items it gets to raise money for the
> poor rather than maintaining a computer museum. That doesn't feed &
> cloth people last I checked.
> Ridiculous.
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