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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Aug 19 11:38:47 2000

On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, Kevin Stumpf/Nostalgic Technophile/Unusual Systems wrote:

> You (all) know I am all for a completely free-market approach to old
> computers while many on this list would prefer that vintage computer stuff
> was banned from ebay meaning many people still believe it is wrong to buy

I've never heard anyone express that desire. You must be confused.

> and sell vintage computer stuff. The thrust of their collecting efforts is
> to preserve the stuff, so what's the matter with what that Goodwill store
> helping us to preserve vintage computing equipment?

Because it's not in their charter.

> What that Goodwill store is doing is a good thing for several reasons:
> 1..the items have been rescued and are being preserved.

The items have been taken out of circulation, earning no revenue for
Goodwill, and being kept from collectors.

> 2..the items are being exhibited to the public (and those of us who have
> tried to exhibit this stuff know how difficult it is to encourage people to
> take the time to come and see it), so the store is also educating the public
> about the technology we love so much because they have a captive audience,

I think the last thing that folks going into a Goodwill store (the
majority of which are there to buy items of necessity) are interested in
is a computer museum.

> 3..the store is fostering the growth of our hobby which is essential for our
> hobby to continue and thrive

If they sold those items it would do more to foster "growth" in the hobby.

> 4..the store has (knowingly or not) made a strategic marketing move and will
> hopefully benefit by attracting more people than would ordinarily go there
> and the increased customer volume can boost sales (to help the needy)

That's a big assumption. I would expect it to not make much, if any,
impact on sales or patronage.

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