Apple Recall of powerbooks (fwd)

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Mon Aug 21 20:08:43 2000

>Forwarding this to the list, as per request, got sent directly to me by
>mistake :^) Obviously I don't agree with the following. Just wish I had a
>5300 and $1700, I'd be jumping on this deal.

Additionally, you can't have the Powerbook built to order, if I
understand correctly, which is a real downside if you want something
faster than 400 MHz.

>Though got to admit I'd only heard about the battery problems, not the
>reliability problems.

My understanding was that the battery issue was over-hyped. The only
units that actually caught fire were on the Apple campus, IIRC. After
that, Apple shipped all the units with NiCD batteries, so it ceased to be
an issue.

The problem that I recall hearing the most about was the power connector.
 While most Powerbooks have a rim around the connector connecting it to
the case, the 5300's connector was only held in place by the solder
joints. After so much use they give way.

>> But I'm still not conviced that apple should waste time sending out
>> this to pull in people to give up their lucky still working 190 and
>> 5300 and force them to spend 1700. Still doesn't sound right. I'm
>> after the truth.
>> 1. Is Apple weaseling out of this deal?
>> 2. Is Apple anxious to earn some profits?

Do to the warranty extension, every time a solder joint breaks (for
example) the user can send their 5300 into Apple for free repair. The
5300 is so poorly engineered that they break down _a lot_, and Apple has
decided it is more cost effective to offer users $700 off a new system
than to continue to support the 5300.

5300's are only going for about $250, so its a great deal for current
5300 owners looking to upgrade. Truly a win-win situation.

Additionally, if any 5300 owners want to keep their computer, they are
completely free to do so and continue to get free repairs.

Personally, I don't think Apple could offer their customers a much better
deal in this situation.

>> 3. Is apple trying to clear out the performance similaries to other
>> powerbooks but lesser features and expansion get cramped by ridding
>> of 190 and 5300?

Not even close. The 5300 was actually out-performed by the pre-PPC 500
series Powerbooks in some situations. Performance was yet another weak
point of the Powerbook 5300.

Apple is also offering owners of Twentieth Anniversary Macs with problems
attractive upgrade offers.

And here I am stuck with a four year old rack-mount Mac clone by Marathon
Computer because the darn thing absolutely refuses to develop a single
problem. :-)

Tom Owad

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