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From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Aug 24 13:45:58 2000

--- Gary Hildebrand <ghldbrd_at_ccp.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Finally found a good Commodore 128 for yours truly there. Is there in our
> midst a person who might have the cp/m boot disk for one? Or point me in
> the right direction?

I have an original C-128 CP/M boot disk in a box somewhere. How would I
go about making an image with it? I've never had a working C-128, nor
have I ever run CP/M from a Commodore (Kaypros, mostly), so I don't know
what the low-level format of the disk is. If it's a standard format,
something like 22DISK should be able to digest it, yes?

Is there already a copy of this on funet?


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