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From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Thu Aug 24 14:44:28 2000

> I have an original C-128 CP/M boot disk in a box somewhere. How would I
> go about making an image with it? I've never had a working C-128, nor
> have I ever run CP/M from a Commodore (Kaypros, mostly), so I don't know
> what the low-level format of the disk is. If it's a standard format,
> something like 22DISK should be able to digest it, yes?

No, it's a farked-up GCR format, IIRC. Commodore had multiple CP/M GCR
formats, the C64's v2.2 1541 type and the C128's types. 1571 drives can
read all of these and many CP/M MFM formats besides, which makes it
essential for a C128 if you want to use CP/M Plus on it. I personally
think that C128 CP/M+ 3.0 is the best version of CP/M out there.

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