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From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Thu Aug 24 17:26:57 2000

> The book saays that Commodore cp/m 3.0 supports several formats:
> Commodore SS GCR (the standard C=64 format)
> C-128 cp/m plus format (single sided)
> Commodore DS GCR format
> MFM disk formats:
> Epson QX10, IBM-8 SS, IBM-8 DS, KayPor II,KayPro IV, and Osborne DD
> I am not sure of which format is used for the system disk. I presume it is
> commodre SS GCR, so it is compatible with any drive. Nothing further is
> mentioned in my Programmers Reference Guide.

No, actually, I think it's the DS GCR format because you need a 1571 to
boot C128 CP/M. I don't think it can be booted from a 1541, which can only
read the SS format.

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