Original Apple II (not + or e or other)

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bit banging was most common to the 6502 world, most of the other
systems used real UART/USARTs. I think it was the idea of software
was cheaper than hardware. Most of the bit bashers seems to live on the
low end of the performance spectrum for their time.


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>> > Believe me, after you've tried to use this card seriously you (a)
>> > for a real serial card with a 6850 or 6551 on it and (b) want to do
>> > unprintable things to the designers...
>> The C-64 comes with 1200-baud bit-banging in ROM. That's why we did
>> that way. UARTS are much nicer (having later aquired a Super Serial
>> but not all micros had them.
>I always found that one of the dumbest ideas Commodore came up with
>(emulating the 6551 in software). It's not like it couldn't have been
>built into the computer; the Plus/4 has a real live 6551 driving its
>user port and it does fabulously well.
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