Classic Cinemaware Games

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Date: Fri Dec 1 19:25:57 2000

I just found out that classic Cinemaware titles such as "The Three Stooges"
and "Rocket Ranger" have been put up on their web page for download!

Apparently supported platforms included:
Amiga, AtariST, C64, NES and PC

Hmmmm..... Looks like I've definitly got to get my Amiga 3000 back up and
running! Something tells me I'll be working on that this weekend!

Apparently after having been gone since '91 they reformed in September of
this year.

Don't know if they include instructions in the downloads, but one would hope

I remember playing "The Three Stooges" in the late 80's on my Kaypro 2000
:^) and always wanted to try "Rocket Ranger".

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