Classic Cinemaware Games

From: Claude <>
Date: Fri Dec 1 20:43:30 2000


I remember playing "Rocket Ranger" on my Amigas it was a great game...I
played it many many times and never finished it...IIRC there was no save
game for this and it was an adventure with arcade sequences...took about
1 or 2 hours to go through all the game...

You had to have a "decoder wheel" so you could load the proper quantity
of "rocket fuel" in your booster rockets to move from country to
country...also a way of battling software piracy...if you did not have
the wheel, you just could not play the game cause you could not go no

Unitl someone took 20 minutes to make a spreadsheet file of the wheel
data and pass it along with the game disks...

I suppose they are including this decoder wheel "map" in the files..

I also remember "It Came From The Desert" from these guys...same type of
game...great graphics with a "movie" type scenario...

Claude wrote:
> I just found out that classic Cinemaware titles such as "The Three Stooges"
> and "Rocket Ranger" have been put up on their web page for download!
> Apparently supported platforms included:
> Amiga, AtariST, C64, NES and PC
> Hmmmm..... Looks like I've definitly got to get my Amiga 3000 back up and
> running! Something tells me I'll be working on that this weekend!
> Apparently after having been gone since '91 they reformed in September of
> this year.
> Don't know if they include instructions in the downloads, but one would hope
> so.
> I remember playing "The Three Stooges" in the late 80's on my Kaypro 2000
> :^) and always wanted to try "Rocket Ranger".
> Zane
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