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Date: Sat Dec 2 09:58:42 2000

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> Subject: NEXTcube
> Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 15:29:07 -0500
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> I saw my first Cube today!
> It was in the back of a scarp yard. They had it running but
> I couldn't find the mouse pointer.
> The owner also said that the fan wasn't working.
> There was a laser printer, dot-matrix, 2 monitors, keyboard
> and mouse.
> Any warnings about these machines?
> What OS do they run?
> Is it worth $75 cdn?

Grab everything including that printers, mouse and keyboard, monitor,
cube. They worth it even at 75 because it's no longer made machine
based on NeXT created by Joes after apple threw him out in late 80's.

1. Power control is through that keyboard power button, NeXT will
complain if there is any of external parts missing like mouse,

2. NeXT monitors is special to that NeXT.

3. Printer uses standard canon engine, parts from non-next printers
is no worries.

4. If this NeXT has MO drive for main storage, that's original run
and hard to find correct MO media and SLOW! Nearly all converted to
HD, floppy and CD. This adds originality if has MO and you can
convert it to faster storage and can convert back to MO for
originality's sake.

The third-party support and parts is still out on 'net. I know of at
least one people who owns few NeXTs and use them locally.

I think.

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