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From: Clint Wolff <vaxman_at_uswest.net>
Date: Sat Dec 2 21:07:41 2000

Well, now that I have my 11x17 sheetfed scanner up and working, and
a legal copy of Acrobat on order, I don't really have any excuses
not to scan the piles of VAX documentation I have cluttering my house...
(Okay, so they're small piles)

Anybody here have any experience with tzo.com? For $100/2yr they will
attach your domain name (with DNS service if I understand correctly)
to a Dynamic IP address. Since uswest.net wants to charge several
limbs to host my domain name+static IP, this seems like a smoking

Comments? Alternate solutions? I'd prefer to NOT pay someone to
store multi-megabyte documents of questionable copyright status...
Especially since 80GB ATA drives are available for <$300.


PS I promised someone a scan of the 780 FPU T.M... Contact OL for an
early copy...

PPS At some point I will be offering scanning (or re-scanning)
services of DEC documentation, with the intent of capturing them
at 600 DPI, and making available several different resolutions
from a website (or FTP for those people who can't/won't run
a browser on their old plastic)...
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