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From: Jay West <west_at_tseinc.com>
Date: Sun Dec 3 12:27:40 2000

My hosting offer to anyone on the list still stands....

I'll host any classicmp related website on my ISP business at no charge.
Just email me if interested.

Jay West
jlwest_at_tseinc.com or west_at_tseinc.com

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From: Clint Wolff (VAX collector) <vaxman_at_uswest.net>
To: <classiccmp_at_classiccmp.org>
Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2000 9:07 PM
Subject: Web site hosting

> Well, now that I have my 11x17 sheetfed scanner up and working, and
> a legal copy of Acrobat on order, I don't really have any excuses
> not to scan the piles of VAX documentation I have cluttering my house...
> (Okay, so they're small piles)
> Anybody here have any experience with tzo.com? For $100/2yr they will
> attach your domain name (with DNS service if I understand correctly)
> to a Dynamic IP address. Since uswest.net wants to charge several
> limbs to host my domain name+static IP, this seems like a smoking
> deal...
> Comments? Alternate solutions? I'd prefer to NOT pay someone to
> store multi-megabyte documents of questionable copyright status...
> Especially since 80GB ATA drives are available for <$300.
> clint
> PS I promised someone a scan of the 780 FPU T.M... Contact OL for an
> early copy...
> PPS At some point I will be offering scanning (or re-scanning)
> services of DEC documentation, with the intent of capturing them
> at 600 DPI, and making available several different resolutions
> from a website (or FTP for those people who can't/won't run
> a browser on their old plastic)...
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