Anobody familliar with Hypercharger 020 Accel. Card for MAC SE?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Dec 3 11:59:34 2000

>> I think you'd have a problem there. The Colour Classic is a 16Mhz
>> 68030 machine (the CC II is 33Mhz). IIRC, the CC II still isn't quite
>> as good as the SE/30 (a truely kick ass little machine).
>> Zane
> Nope. Both the Color Classic and the Classic II as well as the
>SE-30s were 68030 16Mhz machines. The CC was a little slower
>than the II due to the color draw. But yes the SE/30 is reputed to
>be faster.
>ciao larry

Oops, you've got me on the SE/30, that's what I get for going from memory
on a machine I've not used in a couple years. However, the Colour Classic
II was a 33Mhz machine, but it was only sold in Asia.

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