Anobody familliar with Hypercharger 020 Accel. Card for MAC SE?

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Sun Dec 3 17:00:22 2000

Still, I am not sure how to install this accel....

I'll try I guess, I have about 6 SE's here, so even if I destroy one...

Putting this accel in a SE could be the closest I come to having an Se/30..

I actually have one Se/30 but machine does those horizontal stripes...

Changed several caps on board, some obviously leeking, still no start...bars
still...will have to probe I guess...


> > Nope. Both the Color Classic and the Classic II as well as the
> >SE-30s were 68030 16Mhz machines. The CC was a little slower
> >than the II due to the color draw. But yes the SE/30 is reputed to be
> >faster.
> Larry,
> I'm afraid you're wrong there....the CC II was clocked at
> 33mhz and had a true 32 bit data path while the CC was based on a 16
> bit data path, the same as the LC series, and was clocked at 16 mhz.
> All were based on the 68030. The 16bit data path is what crippled the
> CC so badly, not the 16mhz clock. It's said that it only had roughly
> 60-70 % of the speed of the SE/30.
> Jeff (who is happy to be back on his desktop machine after 3 weeks!)
> --
> Collector of Classic Microcomputers and Video Game Systems:
> Home of the TRS-80 Model 2000 FAQ File
I think I'm mixing up the various flavors of Classics. I know the
SE/30 was faster than the Classic II due to it's 32-bit data path
and the Color Classic was slower than the C II due to color
processing. The ringer is the Color Classic II which I'm unfamiliar
with. And now I know why I want one. :^)

ciao larry

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