Anobody familliar with Hypercharger 020 Accel. Card for MAC SE?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Dec 3 18:24:53 2000

>Still, I am not sure how to install this accel....
>I'll try I guess, I have about 6 SE's here, so even if I destroy one...
>Putting this accel in a SE could be the closest I come to having an Se/30..
>I actually have one Se/30 but machine does those horizontal stripes...
>Changed several caps on board, some obviously leeking, still no start...bars
>still...will have to probe I guess...

IIRC, a SE is a pretty good doner for a SE/30. Isn't the main difference
the CPU board? At least ISTR cabibilizing a SE to get my SE/30 running.

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