ST82500N: Need jumpers/switches

From: Michael Grigoni <>
Date: Sun Dec 3 18:25:25 2000


Anyone have operating and maintenance info for CDC/Seagate ST82500N
'Sabre' SCSI drive? This unit is a module about two feet long
and has a hex keypad and display front panel and beaucoup dip
switches and jumpers on various boards. It is also tagged
'PA8U1B'. The HDA uses 8in media (19 physical heads); the entire
unit includes locking pins at the rear for a drive bay, and weighs
about fifty pounds (includes integral power supply). The previous
owner (a large firm) did not remember it's original application but
instead used it as the only drive on a Sun 470 (and didn't remember
how it was physically mounted).

It works and we can extract data from it, but it is set to target 0
and we must change that; also the front panel controls allow for
various reconfigurations and tests; we'd like to know those too.

We'd like to know which computers included this drive as an option;
certain VAXen for sure but what about CRAY, CDC, SGI, etc?


Michael Grigoni
Cybertheque Museum
Received on Sun Dec 03 2000 - 18:25:25 GMT

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