WTB: voltages on power connector for IBM P70/P75 plamsa display.

From: jpero_at_sympatico.ca <(jpero_at_sympatico.ca)>
Date: Mon Dec 4 15:20:56 2000

Hi, subject says all and yes both luggables are past 10 year mark.

I found both P70 and P75 compatiable except for one pin offset on the
power connector at display end. I still have same flicker problem w/
P75. I *DO* need the voltages info so I'll expect what to see when I
check mine, I think one of power for display is barely weak to
initially ingite neon gases. After initial ingition, any horizontal
pixels lines below first lines that is kept lit doesn't have flicker.
  But if any lines that're below lit pixels and enough horizontal
pixels are off, next first one down has the flicker. Same on
switched over P70 display w/ one lead moved on panel power connector
on P75's same PSU.

I intially thought my P75 display was at fault but the P70 panel on
P75 smashed that theory.

Will anyone check their P70/P75 and list the volts on that 5 wire
power connector by the pin numbers and voltage on each pin?

These power supplies in both P70 is 85W, P75 is appox 120W so not
good idea to swap especially on P75.

I want to get mine all straigthened out and put to use after flicker
problem is solved for good so anyone mind to haul out your tools and
get cracking will you?


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