Moving data to an Apple II

From: Erich Weidenhammer <>
Date: Mon Dec 4 20:22:59 2000

     I have two apple II computers, a IIgs (Rom 0- no operating system)and
an Apple IIc. Both have floppies and both have the latest 8 bit apple DOS.
Neither have modems or any communication software. I am trying to get
software from my PC to the apples using a Mac Classic II as a bridge. I can
get Shrinkit and BinCSII to work on the apples but I need .txt files to work
     Unfortunately, somewhere between the PC and the apples, the resource
fork designating the file type gets garbled so BinSCII can't recognise the
.txt files. Does anybody know where I can find a Macintosh image file of an
Apple II disk with Fazz or another attribute changer on it? Does anyone know
of another way to get files onto the Apples with the tools I have?

Also, where can I find a copy of an early OS for a Rom 0 IIgs?

Thanks all,

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