new finds and... Atari 810/1050 help

From: Mike <>
Date: Tue Dec 5 11:05:08 2000

I was about to pass over an Apple IIgs at a local thrift store but didn't
when I found a bunch of Sequential Systems cards in it. It's a rom 3 one
thats got a RamFast/SCSI board, a VGA card!, a 7mhz(I think) ZipGSX board
that displaces the gs's cpu by plugging into the cpu socket (and slotted
too). There's also another card (in the first slot on the left) that has an
eprom with a Sequential Systems label (SS, copyright 1993, rev QP290-BG)
and a connector (like one interface from a drive II card) that I don't know
anything about. It's nice using it with a VGA, and the zip makes a few of
the ][ games I have on hand unplayably speedy. I've got a hd with gs/os
that's momentarily unlocatable but I'm digging and hopeful. ;)

Also. Does anyone have a service proceedure or any info on repairing atari
disk drives. I have a 'stack' of em and many are having problems.

- Mike:
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