new finds and... Atari 810/1050 help

From: Mark Gregory <>
Date: Tue Dec 5 11:47:45 2000

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Subject: new finds and... Atari 810/1050 help

> I was about to pass over an Apple IIgs at a local thrift store but didn't
> when I found a bunch of Sequential Systems cards in it. It's a rom 3 one
> thats got a RamFast/SCSI board, a VGA card!, a 7mhz(I think) ZipGSX board
> that displaces the gs's cpu by plugging into the cpu socket (and slotted
> too). There's also another card (in the first slot on the left) that has
> eprom with a Sequential Systems label (SS, copyright 1993, rev QP290-BG)
> and a connector (like one interface from a drive II card) that I don't
> anything about. It's nice using it with a VGA, and the zip makes a few
> the ][ games I have on hand unplayably speedy. I've got a hd with gs/os
> that's momentarily unlocatable but I'm digging and hopeful. ;)
> Also. Does anyone have a service proceedure or any info on repairing
> disk drives. I have a 'stack' of em and many are having problems.
> Thanks
> - Mike:

Mike, nice find! Which also illustrates the first rule of thrift shopping:
Before passing up anything, always open the case! You never know what rare
and desirable stuff lurks inside that battered and forlorn looking Apple II
/ Atari 800 / Coleco ADAM / etc. Any collector worth his or her salt should
never go on an expedition without a pocket tool containing an assortment of
screw and socket drivers.

Anyway, I think I have an Atari disk drive service manual at home. I'll
check tonight and get back to you.

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