World's Crappiest Drives (was Re: A&J Microdrive)

From: Jeffrey l Kaneko <>
Date: Tue Dec 5 11:25:17 2000

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000 01:18:25 -0500 "Bill Dawson" <>
> -> > Any challengers for worst storage device?
> ->
> -> Yes-- The KALOK Octagon-20. The absolute worst
> -> MFM drive (and perhaps the worst rotating memory of
> -> *any* sort) ever manufactured.
> I think they are great storage devices. I use the cover from one on
> my workbench to hold all the fasteners, etc. from whatever I happen to
> be currently working on. I guess you could call this one a HEX-A-GONE
> now.

Don't you mean OCT-A-GONE? :^)

> (I also have one that is still operational. They do have a classic,
> distinctive look to them.)

Yeah, we thought they looked pretty cool too-- until they
started coming back. I think every single one we deployed
that summer came back before it was over . . .

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