CDC Sabre information

From: Michael Grigoni <>
Date: Tue Dec 5 14:53:15 2000

Re: ST82500N or CDC/Imprimis 97201-25G :
This sight has a basic geometry descrtiption for this drive, as does
a text file on Seagate's ftp site, but nothing more.

Allow me to promote a little more research:

This is a DISK SUBSYSTEM, not just a drive; it is a fifty pound chassis
containing sabre hba, various electronics assemblies, power supply,
rear panel connectors and switches and front panel hexadecimal keypad
and membrane switches. This unit is not a 3rd-party assembly of
components but is CDC/Imprimis/Seagate manufacture. The model
number is not attached to the hba alone, but to every major assembly
in the device. It's previous owner suggested that it may have been
removed from a CDC system (no model suggested). VAX compatibility
lists also list this device by the exact model number given above.

Any VAX owners have setup/operation info? Anyone have a cross-
reference to DEC model numbers?

Michael Grigoni
Cybertheque Museum

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