CDC Sabre information

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue Dec 5 15:37:59 2000

Re: ST82500N or CDC/Imprimis 97201-25G :

  I have a Similar sounding CDC SMD FSD setup
  at home. A resource lookup just now found
  this page (mdl 'j', not 'n'):

  I'm not a total expert in classic HW, I was an
  end-user and not an SE in the 80's. But it seemed
  that DEC didn't prefer SMD HDD's, but Data General,
  Apollo, Sun and others did. I'm sure some/many SMD
  ->DEC adaptor boards were available (Emulex?) but
  they may not have been in the majority.

  That's about it from me. Enjoy the horsepower.

John A.
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