RML380Z and exploding sun psus [long and boring]

From: kebabthesheep <kebabthesheep_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Dec 6 11:39:12 2000

Well, it cetainly has been an interesting weekend. Massie and I bimbled on over to chez
Honniball, and cleaned him of house and home :) The sun 3/470 and 4/370 *just* went in the car,
and the boot filled with sparcs. Muchos gracious!

Build up the 3/470, dropped in my spare scsi controller, and off we went. Booted sunos4.1.1.sun3x
just fine, but I got bored and didn't install it. For some reason or other I put a card in the
slot next to the psu, so in order to get it out again - to diagnose the vme interrupt errors - I
had to pull the psu. So all cards except cpu, memory and scsi out, psu back in. All checked for
seating, and screwed down. Power up. **BANG** Psu blows its guts out :(

Now I've never experienced a big psu blowing, and I don't want to again - 1300W of psu makes a big
mess :( It looks as if a capacitor failed, and took out some semiconductors. Much ceramic
shrapnel now being distributed throughout :-/

I took the whole machine apart, and checked all electronics over with a magnifying glass. I
couldn't find a burnt connector, overheated track or any visible form of damage. SO I just
reassembled with the psu out of the 4/370. Works now :)

Capacitors are starting to become my least favourite electronic component (what after realising
i've over 7 sun slc/elcs to repair due to cap failure)

Ah well. The backplane on the 3/470 is a bit wierd tho - neither scsi controller works today -
which is odd. Yet both function in my 3/140, even the one John said was broken!

Anybody got any docs on the 3/4xx backplane configuration? Anybody got a spare? Anybody seen one
with some solder on it - with components attatched by more than a press fit into the plated-holes?

I'm confused :-?

OH - the RML380Z now works fine with it's replacement low-density controller :) Both drives light
up, make noise and try to do things, so I'm a happy bunny :) I'd still like to get the high
density controller going sometime - but a least now i'm one step closer to booting cp/m.


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