RML380Z and exploding sun psus [long and boring]

From: Paul Williams <flo_at_rdel.co.uk>
Date: Wed Dec 6 12:49:45 2000

kebabthesheep wrote:
> OH - the RML380Z now works fine with it's replacement low-density
> controller :) Both drives light up, make noise and try to do things,
> so I'm a happy bunny :) I'd still like to get the high density
> controller going sometime - but a least now i'm one step closer to
> booting cp/m.

Have you got a CP/M disk yet, Dave, or is that the remaining step?

I ask because I acquired a 380Z over the weekend, and I don't have disks
or manuals either. In fact, I don't have any means of making a 5.25

For the record, my 380Z contains:

1. VDU 80/02. 80-column text card.
2. CPU board, 32K RAM
3. RAM board, 32K
4. Graphics board, feeds four BNC sockets (RGB+sync)
5. I/O board for serial and floppy. PCB number 207-252.
6. Another graphics board? Contains PAL modulator, and also feeds
another monitor socket.

There seems to be a lack of PCB drawing numbers on these boards, so I'm
not sure how to tie up this information with other descriptions posted

This machine seems to date from February 1983. Two 5.25 floppies, and
COS 4.0B/M.

Some large photos at http://vt100.net/rm/380z/
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