PS2, not the Sony

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Dec 7 00:24:27 2000

>On the topic of CD drives, were there any official IBM drives with a suitable
>front for machines with a 5? slot like the PS/2 8085?

I am pretty sure one of the 9595 has a CD, but I am not certain. Could be
its in a Model 57 and I was planning to swap it into the 9595.

One of the serious PS/2 guys, I talked to about 3 months ago is selling
hard drives preloaded with some version of Linux/Unix for about $20 incl
shipping. I am thinking pretty hard about buying one just to get over the
hump and put one of these fine old 9595 back on line. My goal is to get a
system functional on my network with both a CD and 2.88 floppy. Mostly I am
real tired of too many non working boxes, and plan to thin the herd a bunch
in the coming weeks.
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