PS2, not the Sony

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Thu Dec 7 01:53:29 2000

the 8595 and 9595 use the same drives as the 8585 and there are drives and
faceplates made specifically for these units. Evertime I see one on eBay
that starts out at a decent price someone cranks it up to a ridiculous price
by auction end and anyone with one for direct sale thinks that IBM Direct is
a pricing guide and therefore puts the unit at an outrageous price from the
start. I've found, with my 9595, that my best bet is an Adaptec SCSI
controller and external cdroms rather than fight for a unit just to make it
more factory optional "pretty". I bought 2 4 bay external SCSI drive units -
one filled with 2 and a filler and the other with 4 cdroms, for a total $50
on ebay and they've been running fine. Of course the drives are Toshiba 2x
caddy types but I've replaced the 0 drive with a tray type 4x scsi to use
for cd's I need to switch and the other units are for cd's that need to be
available all thetime on my network such as graphics and applications.

By the way, for all you PS/2 enthusiasts, I still have a ton of 55SX units
to unload for either parts or use as a whole unit. I'm asking $5 each plus
shipping and they all have hard drives and memory in them. The memory and
drive sizes vary and the bigger ones go first. Of course they are just the
main unit and don't have keyboard, mouse or monitor but are complete
otherwise. If someone wants more than one they save on shipping as I can
pack a couple two or three in one box and it's just a little more per unit
over the initial first unit's shipping cost. Anyone in the area of central
KY can arrange to have the units delivered or can pick them up themself.

I'm going to go through more of my units in a week or so as well and will
have 35's and 56's as well - main units only and some may be incomplete to
some degree. Of course the 35's are ISA and the 55SX and 56's are MCA bus.

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>On the topic of CD drives, were there any official IBM drives with a
>front for machines with a 5? slot like the PS/2 8085?

I am pretty sure one of the 9595 has a CD, but I am not certain. Could be
its in a Model 57 and I was planning to swap it into the 9595.

One of the serious PS/2 guys, I talked to about 3 months ago is selling
hard drives preloaded with some version of Linux/Unix for about $20 incl
shipping. I am thinking pretty hard about buying one just to get over the
hump and put one of these fine old 9595 back on line. My goal is to get a
system functional on my network with both a CD and 2.88 floppy. Mostly I am
real tired of too many non working boxes, and plan to thin the herd a bunch
in the coming weeks.
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