What tools do you carry, always

From: Russ Blakeman <russ_at_rbcs.8m.com>
Date: Thu Dec 7 01:56:19 2000

And it's a lot less strain on the heart and wallet when you have the $7 unit
either lost or stolen than the higher cost ones and in my personal opinion
they are equally functional for my needs and I still have lunch money left
after I buy the $7 unit.

Don't let me forget to get back with you direct on the 2.88mb floppies Mike.

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>I carry a leatherman/Gerber type multi tool ($7 at AutoZone and just as
>good) and a small aluminum flashlight in a belt holder that I got from

The only cheaper one I have been tempted with is a Smith and Wesson. One of
the local sporting goods stores (Big 5) is selling at $19.99 on sale from
$49. I've seen the one at AutoZone, ditto Harbor Freight tools, and I
"might" be willing to say it is similar function, but lets just say its
made to fit that $7 selling price.
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