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Date: Wed Dec 6 21:02:52 2000

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> Take a mechanical pencil that uses a lead about the same size as the pins,
> and carefully slip the metal barrel of the pencil over the pin and
> straighten them one at a time. A 33 mhz full 68040 is worth about $25, so
> tossing one due to a few bent pins isn't very thrifty. If its totally
> mangled, email me, $25 plus $3.55 shipping in the US.

Groan!! Good idea on that mechanical pencil!

Few weeks ago, I had to straighten out about 20% of bent pins on a
boxed 200 mmx cpu, few of pins are hard crushed against package at
sharp angle. I used watch tweezers and small jeweller's screwdriver
to undo all that damage. The boxed fan blades were snapped off 4
out of 7. Unbalanced rotor big time. Raided one from P4T (pentium
overdrive 133 for socket 4) by peeling off label, pop off the
E-clip and transfer the good rotor to 200mmx. Reinstall clip,
cover the hole. All fine now.

What did that crunch? Loose cpu (my brain wasn't screwed
on right that day) in boxful of heavy items such as two cdroms,
bigfoot, ibm 540mb scsi. Dropped that box when hand carrying hole
ripped open as I stepped heavily off the bus. ;-) Don't worry, these
hard drives were turned in by customers for checks and they were
still bad and unwarrentied anyway. I only can carry it one handed
bec other hand is holding my aucient badly frayed camera bag long
past it's lives.

Have tiny budget and new decent backpack needed cost over 100cdn.
This will change when I have full-time job. I keep myself busy
working part-time at two computer shop both reputatable. Also I'm
having job planning meetings. This is one of big reasons to get out
of under the budget crunch (708 cdn a month) and start the driving
lessons. Driver license holder shows big responsibility and freedom
to go anywhere. Also more reliable way to get to work in employer's
eyes. I'm stuck with untrustworthy bus system. That night bus was
20min late to catch heading home during snow squalls but the roads is
still good, no excuses. :-P

Whoops, better jump into bed shivering!


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