Professors worry that engineering students don't tinker enough...

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Date: Thu Dec 7 05:34:19 2000

When I was a grad student at Caltech I heard some professors offering
some similar worries as much as 10 years ago.... See the full article at,4164,2659964,00.html

An excerpt:

                And then, someone shouted, "Let's put a computer
                together with all this stuff!"

                But could they? Could a handful of engineering
                majors, circa 2000, actually make a computer out of
                assorted parts?

                It's a question that has professors tossing and
                turning at night. It also has many of them rethinking
                basic college curriculum, trying to prepare a new
                breed of students for a new economy screaming
                for high-tech talent.

                Used to be, engineering majors would come to
                college fresh from childhoods of tinkering with car
                engines and taking apart and putting together

                No more.

                "Students have never taken a toaster oven apart,
                certainly never built a radio," said Lynn Abbott,
                associate professor of computer and electrical
                engineering at Virginia Tech. "They've never
                changed the oil in the car, never seem to have
                gotten their hands dirty with how things work. That
                has had an impact on how we have to teach the

Tim. (who was weaned on big bags of parts from Poly Paks, anxiously
ordered from ads in the back of _Radio-Electronics_...)
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