World's Crappiest Drives (was Re: A&J Microdrive)

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Thu Dec 7 17:50:37 2000

Tony Duell wrote:
>Since the CBM serial bus protocol is documented somewhere (and there are
>plenty of hackers who've dug into the C64 and C128 ROMs), I don't think
>there's a good reason why the 1571 (and other CBM peripherals) can't be
>linked up to _any_ computer and the serial bus simulated by bit-banging
>on a TTL-level I/O port.
>In fact, isn't there a well-known program to at least read/write disks in
>1541 drives from an MS-DOS box?

 I remember that shortly after I put my Hero I together, someone was
advertizing plans for a 1541 interface for Hero. I kick myself since
for not sending for those plans.
 What I do have is a Radofin interface board to connect a 1541 to my
Aquarius. The board has an PROM that adds about 15 DOS commands to
Aquarius Basic and includes a machine language monitor. It works like
a charm, and of course I can also read the files on my C64.

 It seems to me that any computer with a cartridge port (meaning one
with address,data, and I/O select lines) is a good candidate for
interfacing to a 1541.

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