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From: Sellam Ismail <foo_at_siconic.com>
Date: Thu Dec 7 16:47:00 2000

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, John Foust wrote:

> I eagerly await a palm computer with a wireless net link strong enough
> that it will work in the average metal building typically used
> by surplus warehouses. :-) Imagine being able to search the web
> or check eBay comparable prices in the field...

This has been my dream for at least a couple years now. I actually do
have this setup but it's a tad cumbersome (my Psion 5 and a wireless
modem) but it does come in handy in a pinch. The ultimate would be a fast
enough connection to where one could stream video over the web. This way,
groups of scroungers could make arrangements to have one person go to the
ham fest and look around while everyone else sat in the comfort of their
house viewing the items over the web:

"Hey, wait, go back to that other box and pick up the grey thing under the


I often think how cool it could be to have a group of minions running
around to thrift stores and surplus shops picking through everything for
me while I sat at home and monitored their activities from a main control
room. I could direct what things they should buy and even how much to
offer. Do I have an over-active imagination?

> Someone else mentioned the decrease in quality of Sears Craftsman
> tools. I'll send that. I got the 90+ piece socket wrench set
> a year or two ago, and I spend more time swearing at them than
> using them. The drive/reverse control is now a little plastic
> lever that is eager to get stuck, and alternatively, decides
> not to engage or disengage, and I think I even stripped one
> so that it no longer engages.

I understand that they are no longer made by the same manufacturer. The
"Craftsman" brand is now made by some cheaper foreign manufacturer, and
the old "Craftsman" tools are now sold actually under a different name. I
forget what that name is, but it would be worth it to check around.

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