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Date: Thu Dec 7 23:15:02 2000

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>On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, John Foust wrote:

>"Hey, wait, go back to that other box and pick up the grey thing under the

>I often think how cool it could be to have a group of minions running
>around to thrift stores and surplus shops picking through everything for
>me while I sat at home and monitored their activities from a main control
>room. I could direct what things they should buy and even how much to
>offer. Do I have an over-active imagination?

Not really. This scheme is already implemented in one big French department
store (Lafayette?) in Paris. Webshoppers are assigned a "drone", basically a
young human male equipped with rollerskates, a headset and a helmet-mounted
webcam. You may then control the shopping drone as it roams around the shops
as you please by issuing vocal commands.

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