GOOD scrounging day!

From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Dec 9 09:09:16 2000

  OK while the rest of you are freezing and getting ready for Christams, we
here in Florida and enjoying beautifull wheather and still fighting over
the election! A few of us are taking advantage of the weather and are out
scrounging for old computers and other interesting stuff. That's what I did
yesterday. My haul included a Morrow Micro Decision, a Tektronix 8002a
Developement system and the external 8" disk drives, an immersion cooler,
six or seven Busch & Lomb model 21 Spectrophotometers and a manual for my
IBM MD-2 Maintenance Device. I ran out of car before I ran out of goodies
so I left behind a Tektronix 4016 terminal, a tektronix 4024 terminal, an
ADM-3A terminal and an ADDS 25 terminal.

  One of my coolest finds was a Paratronics model 100a Logic Analyzer with
the manual. This must be one of the first logic analyzers on the market.
It's about the size of a cigar box and uses a scope of other monitor with
an X-Y input for the display. The manual is dated 1977 and it says that
this an improved version of the one that was in the cover story of the Feb
1977 issue of Popular Electronics. (Does anyone have that issue?) The
mauual gives example of how to use it with the Altair, Intel 8080, Motorola
6800, Fairchld F-8, National SC/MP, Z-80, Bit Slice CPUs and the RCA
Cosmac. This will make a nice companion piece for my Altair.

   Also spotted a Color Monitor for the TI-99/4. It's nothing but a color
TV with the tuner removed. I knew RS sold this kind of thing but I didn't
know that TI did also. I didn't pick it up but if anyone wants it, contact
me and I'll tell you where it's at. It's in a surplus store and I have no
idea what they want for it.

   I'm looking for info on the Morrow Micro Decision. If anyone knows much
about them, let me know.

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