GOOD scrounging day!

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sat Dec 9 14:56:01 2000

On Sat, 9 Dec 2000, Joe wrote:

> OK while the rest of you are freezing and getting ready for Christams, we
> here in Florida and enjoying beautifull wheather and still fighting over
> the election! A few of us are taking advantage of the weather and are out
> scrounging for old computers and other interesting stuff. That's what I did
> yesterday. My haul included a Morrow Micro Decision, a Tektronix 8002a
> Developement system and the external 8" disk drives, an immersion cooler,
> six or seven Busch & Lomb model 21 Spectrophotometers and a manual for my
> IBM MD-2 Maintenance Device. I ran out of car before I ran out of goodies
> so I left behind a Tektronix 4016 terminal, a tektronix 4024 terminal, an
> ADM-3A terminal and an ADDS 25 terminal.
> One of my coolest finds was a Paratronics model 100a Logic Analyzer with
> the manual. This must be one of the first logic analyzers on the market.
> It's about the size of a cigar box and uses a scope of other monitor with
> an X-Y input for the display. The manual is dated 1977 and it says that
> this an improved version of the one that was in the cover story of the Feb
> 1977 issue of Popular Electronics. (Does anyone have that issue?) The
> mauual gives example of how to use it with the Altair, Intel 8080, Motorola
> 6800, Fairchld F-8, National SC/MP, Z-80, Bit Slice CPUs and the RCA
> Cosmac. This will make a nice companion piece for my Altair.
> Also spotted a Color Monitor for the TI-99/4. It's nothing but a color
> TV with the tuner removed. I knew RS sold this kind of thing but I didn't
> know that TI did also. I didn't pick it up but if anyone wants it, contact
> me and I'll tell you where it's at. It's in a surplus store and I have no
> idea what they want for it.
> I'm looking for info on the Morrow Micro Decision. If anyone knows much
> about them, let me know.
Which one is it, Joe? I am fairly familiar with the 5.25" floppy ones,
the 2, 3, 5, 11, and nn.
                                                 - don

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