From: John Foust <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 07:38:05 2000

At 07:07 AM 12/10/00 -0600, Russ Blakeman wrote:
>You know I've seen that since it came out and it JUST dawned on me that the
>OCT is octal and that DEC is decimal. NOW it makes perfecr sense. Guess I've
>been out of the programming world too long.

And this joke certainly qualifies for the 10-year-rule,
I'm surprised there were some on this list that hadn't
heard it before!

Then again, I recall the story of talking to a guy at
a convention, and he became so excited when I mentioned
a C-64 game I'd worked on... he said "Wow, I used to
play that on my dad's old Commodore when I was little!".

- John
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