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From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 09:33:14 2000

At 09:04 PM 12/9/00 -0800, Sellam wrote:
>On Sat, 9 Dec 2000, Joe wrote:
>> an X-Y input for the display. The manual is dated 1977 and it says that
>> this an improved version of the one that was in the cover story of the Feb
>> 1977 issue of Popular Electronics. (Does anyone have that issue?) The
>Sure. I assume you want a scan of the article?

     Thanks but one of the other list members has already promised to make
a copy for me.
>> Cosmac. This will make a nice companion piece for my Altair.
>Speaking of which I fired mine up today and it worked like a champ. Look
>for it's television debut sometime next year ;)

    Let me know when.

>> I'm looking for info on the Morrow Micro Decision. If anyone knows much
>> about them, let me know.
>A standard (but nice) CP/M box circa 1982 or so. You can actually plug
>any terminal into it for your display device.

    I just found out that this is a model 1 (or so the circuit board says).
>From what little I found on the net, these are scarcer than the 2 and 3s.


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